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About Us

We are a family run Scottish tour agency based in our beautiful city of Edinburgh. If you are looking for the best tours in Scotland, you have come to the right place! We understand that everybody will come to Scotland for their own reasons and so a one size all package does not necessarily suit everyone. We aim to provide you with a tour package that is based on your own preferences and what you are most interested in.

Years of experience

As Edinburgh locals, we are extremely proud of our fascinating city. We keep this in mind when organizing our tours in Scotland. We want to show off  Scotland in all its beauty making sure you experience the best things on offer. Therefore, we treat you just as we would with any of our own friends and family visiting the country. With many years of experience in both the tourism and accommodation industries, we are in the fantastic position to be able to offer the best advice and packages for all types of tours in Scotland, whilst taking the time to get to know exactly what you would like.

Tailor-made experiences

Apart from the standard tours running throughout the year, we also provide tailor-made experiences for groups, school groups, family groups, golfers. In addition, we can advise on ever aspect of your tour to Scotland. Whether its places to eat, hotels to stay in or where to obtain the most competitive car hire, we  can help with any of the many concerns you may have when you are in a foreign country.

Meet the team


Nick Roberts

Nick has been involved in the hotel industry in Scotland for many years now, as were his parents and grandparents. He has a worked across Scotland, and understands all the different options available on your trip. He is an avid golfer who plays on different golf courses around Scotland. With this in mind, he is perfectly placed to advise on golf trips. He is also a whisky enthusiast who knows all the best drams and where to find them.

Adam Roberts 

Adam has been involved with the hospitality and tourism industry in Edinburgh for 12 years. He has worked in hotels, bars and restaurants, as well as organizing trips around Scotland and Edinburgh. He takes great pride in the city he grew up in, reflected in the itineries he provides for all guests. Adam is particularly interested in the history of Edinburgh and Scotland as a whole and loves recommending destinations focusing on this.

Fàilte, taitneach agus falbh ann an sìth – Welcome, enjoy and go in peace.